AdherePac™ is a patient adherence program designed to assist you in taking your medications as directed. Your prescriptions are easy to understand and manage with AdherePac™ compliance packaging.

  • Prescriptions refilled every 14 or 28 days, either delivered or available for in-store pickup.

  • Easy-to-open pouches with clearly printed instructions, eliminating cumbersome vials and complicated instructions.

  • Our pharmacy will work with your doctors to sync all medications and keep your prescriptions up-to-date.




AdherePac™ FAQs

What medications can be filled in AdherePac?
Routine maintenance prescriptions can be packaged. Certain medications cannot be included such as soluble, as-needed, etc. Over-the-counter meds can be ordered by your physician as well.

My medications are currently on different fill schedules. Can I sync them to be included in AdherePac?
Yes. We will communicate with your insurance provider and physician to align all of your prescriptions on the same fill cycle.

What happens if a medication is added in the middle of the month?
Your new prescription will be filled with enough medication to get you to your next refill and then will become part of your monthly AdherePac.

How do I pay for my AdherePac prescriptions?
Standard co-pays and an AdherePac fee applies. Speak with a staff member for complete details.

What arrives monthly in the AdherePac?
Once enrolled, you will receive a reusable dispenser box to hold your roll of prescriptions for 14 or 28 days. When you run out of pouches, simply place the new roll in the dispenser box.

How do I sign up for AdherePac™?
Once our pharmacy has coordinated with your physicians and insurance, your eligible prescriptions will be filled one day each month. We will take the time to answer any questions you may have and review all eligible medications that can be used with this program.

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