Cenforce-D - medicine for erection problems

Pharmacological purpose
Generic Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) is prescribed for:

  • the presence of any signs of impotence;
  • erectile disorders of psychogenic, organic or mixed origin;
  • systematic premature ejaculation;
  • lethargy and lack of control of erection;
  • weak response to sexual arousal.

How Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) works

The basis of the drug Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) is represented by two components: sildenafil and dapoxetine. Sildenafil has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscle layer of the cavernous body of the male penis, which promotes vasodilation and active blood flow to the perineum. As a result - a strong persistent erection. Dapoxetine is a serotonin (happiness hormone) blocker that reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings. It delays the onset of orgasm and increases the duration of sexual intercourse by 3-4 times. Generic Viagra + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) has a complex effect, helping to effectively deal with the most common intimate problems in men of all ages.

Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D): method of application and dosage
Generic is taken one hour before the intended sexual contact, washed down with plain water. The tool is suitable for systematic daily use. Daily dosage: 1 tablet Viagra + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D). The dosage can be changed at the discretion of the doctor, based on the degree of development of the disease, the age and characteristics of the patient's body.

When and how to use

Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) is drunk 50-70 minutes before the planned sex.

Alcohol compatibility
Due to the slowdown in the onset of the effect and the increased risk of adverse reactions, it is not recommended to take generic Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) together with alcohol.

Time of onset of action, duration of effect

Cenforce + Dapoxetine (Cenforce D) works only when there is natural sexual stimulation, which eliminates the unwanted effect at the wrong time. The effect of taking the tablets is noticeable 30-40 minutes after oral use and lasts at least 6 hours. The standard duration of the drug: 6-8 hours.

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