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The rhythm of life of a modern woman, on which work, children, and home, often leads to a decrease in libido and a deterioration in intimate life. In such cases, Viagra for women, which is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories (India), can come to the rescue. The original drug CENFORCE FM is an effective stimulant for women, which helps to restore desire and improve sexual life.


The principle of operation of male Viagra is based on the action of the PDE 5 inhibitor - Sildenafil. The Cenfors FM agent consists of the same substance. Sildenafil 100 mg blocks PDE5, which inhibits normal blood flow to the vulva. Thanks to the restoration of blood circulation, at the moment of arousal, a record amount of blood enters the clitoris and vagina. The genitals increase in size, and the lubricant necessary for sexual intercourse is released. Due to increased sensitivity in intimate areas, a woman increases the degree of excitability at the physical and psychological levels. Thus, buying CENFORCE FM will be useful for any lady who feels cold for sex. Unlike men's, women's Viagra is adapted to the characteristics and needs of the female body. The price of CENFORCE FM is the same as for male tablets.

When should I order CENFORCE FM?

Pills for women are simply irreplaceable in the absence or decrease in sexual desire. It does not matter what caused the cold: stress, fatigue, or hormonal changes. Any woman over 18 years of age can take the generic Cenforce FM.

Lack of orgasm is also a reason to buy CENFORCE FM. With an increase in sensuality, it is easier for a girl to experience ecstasy and repeatedly. About CENFORCE FM, reviews wrote that some of them gave their first orgasm to a female pathogen.

The Indian generic will be a godsend for women who love to experiment in bed. Incredible excitement and multiple orgasms will pleasantly diversify the sex of any couple.

Tablets CENFORCE FM instructions for use

Available in pink diamond-shaped tablets for oral administration. You need to drink the medicine before sex for half an hour to an hour. For beginners, ½ tablet is enough, the dosage for everyone else is a whole tablet. The action of the pathogen is enough for 5-6 hours of intimate pleasure. The drug is incompatible with alcohol and can be taken once every 24 hours.

Contraindications for use

  • Allergic reaction to Sildenafil
  • Pregnancy, conception planning, lactation.
  • The use of organic nitrates.
  • Take with caution in the presence of any acute or chronic diseases.

Side effects are extremely rare, mainly from the side of digestion, respiratory tract, and blood pressure.

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