Sildalis - medicine for erection problems

Sildalis 120, which was developed by the best pharmacists to solve the problem
erectile dysfunction in men. An integrated approach allows you not to take several different medicines, and drink only one tablet to achieve the desired result. The tablets contain two basic substances Sildenafil and Tadalafil. Thanks to these two components, the time of effect on the body increases significantly. Sildenafil has a pronounced effect on blood flow in the area of ​​the organs of the small pelvis. Studies have shown that tadalafil is a selective PDE5 inhibitor. PDE5 is found in smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies, in the smooth muscles of blood vessels and internal organs, in skeletal muscles,
platelets, kidneys, lungs, cerebellum, and pancreas. Valid up to 36 hours and absorbed
regardless of the intake of fatty foods and alcohol. Capsules have passed multiple clinical studies and are completely safe for health.

How to take potency pills Sildalis 100+20mg
The optimal dose is one tablet to be taken half an hour before sex. Drink non-carbonated water and do not combine it with alcohol or large amounts of fatty foods. The result of taking the drug will please the man for two to three days. The initial dosage can be ½ tablet. Before increasing the dosage, be sure to consult a doctor. If you are planning to spend the weekend with a partner and doubt the quality of your erection, ordering an activator for men is the best option.
The manufacturer recommends not exceeding the daily allowance, so as not to experience side effects from taking a pill

Advantages of Sildalis 100+20mg
1. Absolutely safe for your health.
2. Suitable for men of different ages.
3. You can take half a tablet
4. Minimally accumulate in the body.
5. Have a democratic price.
6. Do not cause side effects. (if you follow the instructions).
7. Effective and comfortable to use.
8. Minimally accumulate in the body.
9. If you want to get rid of impotence problems, you can take a course of treatment.
10. Removes the feeling of anxiety.

Contraindications of Sildalis 100+20mg tablets
In some cases, it is worth refraining from taking the pathogen, you should consult your doctor before
making a decision to buy a drug if you have a number of diseases, such as:
1. Kidney and liver disease;
2. Cardiovascular insufficiency;
3. Serious problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
4. Age less than eighteen years.
5. Diseases of the thyroid gland
6. You have diabetes.
7. Recent heart attack or stroke

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