Tadalista CT - medicine for erection problems

Instructions for use TADALISTA CT
Cialis TADALISTA CT is the generic term for Cialis Soft in the form of lozenges. It has the same capabilities as the branded CIALIS Soft. The drug is manufactured by the Fortune Health Care plant (India)

TADALISTA SOFT tablets for men are used in the fight against potency problems. Just one tablet is able to return a full-fledged male function for 36 hours.

TADALISTA CT mg dissolves in the mouth and is not swallowed like regular tablets. A pleasant sweet taste is an added bonus to the medicinal effect.

Benefits of TADALISTA CT
Sweet pills for erection begin to work twice as fast as those that are swallowed because during resorption they are quickly absorbed by the mucosa. Your organ will be ready for sexual intrusions in just 15-20 minutes.

Sexual functions are normalized for 36 hours, which is 4 hours longer than the result of the base drug.

You can drink alcohol because it does not affect the effectiveness of the generic.

High secrecy: you can always discreetly throw a pill under the tongue like a refreshing dragee.

The possibility of side effects from the digestive system is minimized. The risk of other adverse events is also significantly lower than that of a conventional drug.

The drug TADALISTA CT mg is intended for men with potency disorders, for situational normalization of functions before a date. However, it would be good for every man over 35 to have sucking pills for potency. Even when in your pocket, they will work for you, providing a favorable psychological effect and increasing confidence to the maximum.

TADALISTA CT instructions for use
The tool does not cause an erection by itself, but only eliminates the interfering factor

normal physiological processes - poor blood circulation in the genitals.

The main substance Tadalafil mg relaxes the walls of the arteries, and with the onset of excitement, the right amount of blood enters the penis and provokes an erection. Absolutely natural result from which both you and your partner will be delighted.

15-30 minutes before the moment when you need to “be in shape”, place 1 tablet or analog of TADALISTA CT and dissolve like a lozenge. You do not need to drink water, the diet does not play a role.

When taking TADALISTA CT, pay attention to intimate caresses to experience sexual desire and combat readiness as a result.

You can repeat the use of a sexual stimulant after at least 24 hours, but as TADALISTA CT reviews say, the drug honestly works out its 36 hours. For the safe use of male products more than 2 times a week, consult your doctor. Perhaps you should take a course of treatment and solve the problem for a whole year.

Tadalista contraindications
Simultaneous use of inhibitors or nitrate-containing drugs.

  • Poor health in which sex is an unjustified risk.
  • Serious cardiovascular disease in the last 6 months.
  • Childhood and adolescence

Do not forget that TADALISTA CT is the price of your pleasure, but not your life. If you have any diseases that require monitoring, tell your doctor about your desire to buy TADALISTA CT

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