Tadalista Professional- medicine for erection problems

The drug TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL 20 mg is a novelty in the line of male stimulants based on Tadalafil. It comes in the form of lozenges and has a sweet/minty flavor. It has a number of advantages compared to other means of potency:

  • Convenient to take. TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL tablets are intended for dissolution in the mouth. They do not need to be swallowed and washed down. You put the pill under your tongue and when it dissolves, it is instantly absorbed by the body.
  • Minty taste. The accelerator tastes like mints and helps to freshen the breath.
  • Acts quickly. Generic TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL will restore your male capabilities in just 15-20 minutes, while conventional pills begin to act only after an hour. If during the foreplay you understand that “things are not going well”, sweet TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL will promptly arrange the process and you will be at your best.
  • Long-lasting result. Mint TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL lasts up to 36 hours. If you wish, during this time you will be able to perform 10-15 successful sexual acts and defeat your sexual partner on the spot. Your sexual possibilities are limited only by the endurance of the organism.
  • Natural sensations. TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL acts on the circulation, which fills and lifts the penis during natural arousal. Natural processes and a range of sensations are preserved. You will forget that you took sweet pills for erection and, moreover, your partner will not guess anything.
  • Good tolerance. Sucking pills for potency dissolve and enter the blood in the oral cavity, bypassing the stomach. This is good news for men who have an ulcer or gastritis. In general, the drug acts even more gently than its predecessors due to the improved formula. The risk of side effects is reduced as much as possible.
  • Alcohol compatibility. If after the party there are prospects to continue the evening pleasantly, do not deny yourself the pleasure. An Indian generic or analog of Cialis Professional will take care of your sexual abilities.

Who is Tadalista Professional suitable for?
Men who during a date something went wrong from a physical point of view.
Those who do not want to worry whether it will work out or not, but are ready to take the medicine and be self-confident.
Those who periodically experience difficulties with erection and want to insure themselves.
Men who, due to age-related or physical changes, have a poor sexual function and TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL the price of the opportunity to have full sex.
For most erectile problems mint TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL is an effective solution with the ability to get both a one-time and long-term result (drinking the drug in a course under the supervision of a doctor).

TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL instructions for use
Available in the form of white suckable tablets with a dosage of Tadalafil 20 mg.

15-30 minutes before the key phase of sex, put the pill under the tongue. Do not swallow or drink, but dissolve the medicine.
Start sexual stimulation with a partner so that your sexual arousal activates Tadalafil.

Have sex for as long and as often as you want for 36 hours.

Do not take the next tablet before 24 hours.

If for some reason you are unable to buy TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL, replace it with one of the analogs: Vidalista Professional, Tadalista Professional, etc.


  • Taking any other means for potency or drugs with organic nitrates.
  • Risk of stroke or heart attack.
  • The severe or acute form of any disease of the body.

The most common side effects are from the organs of vision and the circulatory system (lowering pressure, headache, and redness of the face). But TADALISTA PROFESSIONAL reviews confirm that side effects are purely individual and may not occur at all.

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